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Cover Wp Multiple Strokes 1

How to create line waves pattern in adobe illustrator

This tutorial show you how to create wavy lines kind of pattern or graphic in adobe illustrator using only few basic steps. First i create a long rectangular shape and transform it multiple times with "transform tool". Then i apply "make with mesh" and after that use "Direct selection tool", play with my creative and create different shapes. (function(){new...
Cover Wp Multiple Strokes

How to apply Multiple Strokes on any object within 1 minute in Adobe Illustrator

This Illustrator tutorial shows you how easy you can apply multiple strokes on any object. Now there is no use to add multiple layers and create 4-5 or more strokes. I use a tool to apply multiple strokes. Watch the video its very simple, you can create it within a minute. (function(){new...
Cover Wp Grey Logo

How to create a simple grey shiny logo in adobe illustrator

This Illustrator tutorial shows you how easy you can create a grey gradient shiny logo in Adobe Illustrator. Within few easy steps gradient embossed text created. You can make silver textures also using this method, This small tutorial teaches you how easy you can create this kind of simple logo and texture. with using only basic steps, you can make it. The more deeply you create or time you devote to create this object will affect the finish of the product. (function(){new...