How to Create a Geometric Background in Adobe Illustrator with Polygon tool

How to Create a Geometric Background in Adobe Illustrator with Polygon tool

This Illustrator Tutorial guides you to create “Geometric Background” with Polygon tool. We will start with polygon tool and create some shapes with pen tool using guides. Use shadow on the corners and back of each shape, to make a depth and 3d feel on object. This graphic looks typical but its very easy to create, Watch the tutorial till end and follow the steps, you’ll love it, at the end of tutorial i make some other color combinations, with same color and also in different color shades. 

You can use this kind of vector graphic as wallpaper, graphic background, mobile wallpaper or any print purpose, Thanks.

Steps to Create Graphic

Make a “Polygon” with “Polygon Tool” & Rotate it.



Make 2 more copies. Save 1 for further use and one for small polygon.



Transform one poly – Select both shapes – Minus front from Pathfinder tool.

Make 2 more copies, keep one for further use.


Select one copy & make Guides from “View – Guides – Make Guides

Start creating first shape with Pen tool on these points.


Make second shape.


Now create third shape, on these points.


Apply different color in each box, you can use different shades of a color or use different types of colors also. I set some examples at the end of the video (13:20).


Make these kind of shapes from Pen tool – Color it Black, i use it to reflect corners of the shape.


Apply Blur from “Effect – Blur – Gaussian Blur”.


Make a copy of hollow polygon shape and Mask it (from Object – Clipping Mask – Make) on the shape we create.


Make another copy of final graphic and place it on these 3 points.


Select these shapes and “Release Clipping Mask


Remove shadow and outer layer/shapes.


Select this shape – Make a copy – Color it Black – Unite it from Pathfinder toolbox.


Apply Blur from Effect – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Values are less then before)


Move it back to the first shape, it will reflect as a shadow of this shape.


Make a copy of first poly & reduce size. We will make a mask for this shape and move it back.


Copy these 3 layers & paste, then group them all.
Do it again and make one more copy.


Select one from them and decrease proportionally and move it absolute back.


Select second one, Unite it from pathfinder & color it black.


Double click and get into that shape – Select outer border and decrease it.


Apply Guassian Blur and move it back to first shape as a shadow.


Some color changes on the back layer, to set up the light and the dark shade of the shape. Group them all, It’s Ready


So, your first polygon shape is ready, now i use transform to make more copies, you can make it through make pattern tool also.


So, this is how to create a geometric background with the use of polygon,

Geometric Background

Geometric background

Its ready, Thanks

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