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How to create paper cut out effect in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Tutorial: Simple tutorial with some easy steps, create paper cut out effect in Adobe Illustrator. i will show you the simple and easy way to create this effect. You can use any color, according to your requirement and also choose multiple color on every layer and create a dynamic graphic.

Steps to create graphic.
1. Create a shape, i make star shape with 7 corners and make rounded corners.

2. Make one more copy of this shape & place both on different corners, opposite direction. Give light and dark shade of any color.

3. Select both shapes, Now apply blend “Specified Steps”, i make 3 steps and apply.

4. Place dark layer at the bottom and expend it, fill the whole screen with these shapes.

5. Apply Expend from Object panel and make every shape a separate layer. Slightly change every shape for better graphic.

6. Apply drop shadow to every layer, apart from last one. It doesn’t require.

7. Make a rectangle and mask it.