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Cover Wp Neon Effect

How to create neon effect in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Tutorial – Easy tutorial to create neon text effect in Adobe illustrator. You can apply this effect on any lined graphic also. I apply this effect on plain black background and also use some images, as wall or some texture also. It will give you better result on dark background. The only tool i use to create this graphic is “Guassian Blur”, steps to create make this graphic is given below.

Steps to Create Graphic

Step 01

Create a RBG file & place a 100% black box as background. CMYK file doesn’t give you proper light effect.

Step 02

Add a text layer, try to use fonts with thin lines.

Convert text into “Type > Create Outline”.

Step 03

Apply Offset path from Object – Path.

It will create new layers, group them all.

Step 04

Give them color, lighter one on top layer group, it will give feel like a bright light.

Step 05

Apply Guassian Blur from “Effects – Blur”. Create 3 copies of back dark layer, apply different level of blurness to every layer. First layer i apply Radius “10” pixels.

Second layer, apply Radius “65” pixels.

Third layer, apply Radius “95” pixels.

It’s ready, Thanks. Watch video for more detail.