How to create neon effect in Adobe Illustrator

How to create neon effect in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Tutorial – Easy tutorial to create neon text effect in Adobe illustrator. You can apply this effect on any lined graphic also. I apply this effect on plain black background and also use some images, as wall or some texture also. It will give you better result on dark background. The only tool i use to create this graphic is “Guassian Blur”, steps to create make this graphic is given below.

Steps to Create neon effect


Step 01

Create a RBG file & place a 100% black box as background. CMYK file doesn’t give you proper light effect.

Step 02 –
Add a text layer, try to use fonts with thin lines.

Convert text into “Type > Create Outline“.

Step 03 – 
Apply Offset path from Object – Path.


It will create new layers, group them all.


Step 04 – Give them color, lighter one on top layer group, it will give feel like a bright light.


Step 05 – Apply Guassian Blur from “Effects – Blur“. Create 3 copies of back dark layer, apply different level of blurness to every layer. First layer i apply Radius “10” pixels.


Second layer, apply Radius “65” pixels.


Third layer, apply Radius “95” pixels, this was the last step to create neon effect. 


It’s ready, Thanks. Watch video for more detail.


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